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COVID-19 Underwriting Guidelines

Effective May 12, 2021
Previous guidance Guidance as of May 12, 2021
All cases assessed greater than Table D and/or all medical flat extras postponed. Normal pre-COVID-19 underwriting guidelines in effect.
All rated cases inclusive of all medical flat extras postponed. Normal pre-COVID-19 underwriting guidelines in effect.
All cases postponed. Normal pre-COVID-19 underwriting guidelines in effect.
Foreign travel allowed following U.S. Dept. of State country-by-country travel guidance.* Foreign travel allowed following published AIG Foreign Travel guidelines.*
Current Statement of Health required on all policy approvals. Current Statement of Health required on all policy approvals.

*Foreign Travel not considered in the states of Florida or Georgia




As of 7/1 American National discontinued most temporary COVID-19 underwriting guidelines.

This will mean more opportunities for preferred plus and preferred ratings.

Post COVID-19 updates that will remain in place: 

  • Will still only consider ages 80+ up to Table 4 with proof of vaccination.
  • Will still only consider ages 60–⁠79 greater than Table 4 with proof of vaccination.

Will review foreign travel on an individual consideration basis. In general travel to CDC level 3 and 4 countries will be postponed (may not be applicable in states where there are regulations on underwriting foreign travel).





Last year, Legal & General America implemented temporary underwriting guideline changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As new data evolves, we’re taking steps to reinstitute our pre-COVID underwriting guidelines.

New Age and Risk Profile Postponement Parameter
Full consideration based on pre-COVID underwriting guidelines for all ages. We will continue to postpone for new COVID diagnosis based on exposure and clinical severity.

*Age is defined as age nearest birthday

Reconsideration process
If you would like us to reconsider a previous case that was postponed due to our COVID Temporary Underwriting Guidelines, you may now send for reconsideration.

Any case that was previously postponed for COVID may have also been postponed due to other medical information. Upon review, we will communicate if we will accept your applicant for reconsideration and what additional evidence may be required. Any case postponed within the last 10 months can be reopened by your underwriter. Additional medical requirements may be required after re-review.

For additional transparency, we’ve included a list of situations and medical impairments (admitted or discovered) that are declined or postponed to help assist you with your field underwriting. Click here to see the list including full details of changes. The advisor COVID-19 Response page has also been updated.





Temporary life insurance underwriting guideline changes
• Applications dated 5/1/2021 or later that were closed or postponed within the last
30 days due to our prior COVID underwriting guidelines can be reviewed with
your request to your underwriter.
• Any applications dated prior to 5/1/2021 or closed more than 30 days ago will
require a new application.
• A Statement of Good Health is required at delivery if the issue date of policy is
more than 30 days after the application date (excludes voluntary payroll
deduction policies).

Travel guideline modifications – We have lifted the previous COVID travel
restrictions for countries with a level 3 or 4 advisory as noted by the U.S. Department
of State

Issue age and substandard rating limitations – We have expanded the acceptable
table and flat extra ratings for ages 60-79. We are currently not accepting applications
for the following:
• Ages 60-79 with rating greater than Table 4 or Flat Extra greater than $5 per
$1,000 due to medical impairments
• Ages 80 and above
We appreciate your continued support and understanding as we navigate the
pandemic and its changing conditions together




Our underwriting assessment of an applicant’s insurability is not impacted by the vaccination status of the individual. John Hancock’s application for life insurance does not contain a question related to whether an individual has received a COVID-19 vaccine, and should such information present itself in the underwriting evidence received in connection with an application, the information would not be a factor in the risk classification process.

Further, John Hancock life insurance policies do not contain exclusions related to any specific medical condition, pandemic, or vaccine, and all claims continue to be processed according to John Hancock’s well-established guidelines and practices.

Revised COVID-19 policy delivery requirements as follows:

  • We will no longer require a Health Questionnaire on delivery
  • For ages 66 and over, we will require a Declaration of Insurability be completed on delivery.  Money can be collected only if the insured answers “No” to all questions.
  • For all 1035 cases, we will require a Declaration of Insurability be completed prior to going for 1035 funds

We have resumed accepting and processing applications on individuals up to and including age 90.

John Hancock John Hancock has partnered with Human API to empower applicants to quickly and
securely share their electronic health data – Getting started with Human API.

COVID-19 and doing business with John Hancock age includes:

  1. Establishing an alternative to paramed and/or exam when not obtainable
  2. Expanded Express Track streamlined underwriting process to include paper applications with no need for a telephone interview
  3. Providing capabilities for EHR access when APS is not available
  4. Policy delivery enhancements


Updated Underwriting Guidelines

Inforce Policies – Effective May 15, 2020, if customers are experiencing a hardship and having difficulty paying their premium due to challenges presented by COVID-19, John Hancock will provide a total grace period of 90 days.

Any premium payments received within the 90-day grace period will be applied directly to your customers’ policy and coverage will be automatically extended through their next paid through date.

John Hancock has extended the long-term care premium due date 61 days beyond the policy grace period. If a premium payment is received within that extended timeframe, coverage will be automatically reinstated. Additionally, they have extended the election deadline period 61 days past the dates indicated in a clients rate action notification packages, allowing them more time to make a decision in response to the premium rate increase.




We have revised Lincoln’s COVID-19 temporary underwriting guidelines. The full list of changes can be found on our Go Digital site, but these positive updates include:

  • “The Table Reduction Program (TRP) is now available! Consideration for up to $10 million maximum face amount, through age 70, for Table 3 to Standard rate classes for permanent life insurance products”.
  • Increasing internal retention to $10 million through age 59 for Preferred Plus, Preferred and Standard rate classes only, from $5 million through age 65.
  • Improving flat extra offer capacity to $7.50 per thousand, from $5.00 per thousand.
  • Removing the restrictions for Lincoln Care Coverage® ABR and Lincoln LifeEnhance® ABR.
  • Removing the restrictions for travel and the future travel amendment.

Lincoln’s Underwriting & New Business is committed to providing a superior customer experience and we continue to enhance our digital capabilities to deliver streamlined processes with quicker turnaround times. On July 20, we launched an online interview option for Lincoln TermAccel® that is both private and convenient. After ticket submission, clients can now choose to complete their application online or by phone. Adoption of the new, mobile-friendly, online experience has been robust.

That’s why we’re also excited to share today that our LincXpress® ticket submission process will be enhanced on August 24. Clients will now have a choice in how they provide their application information to Lincoln – online or by phone – for LincXpress ticket submissions, including single-life UL, IUL, VUL, and Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term cases. The new online option will enable clients to complete their interview in privacy, at a time most convenient to them.

As we continue to monitor the external environment, we remain committed to upholding our leading-edge underwriting principles while ensuring we’re operating responsibly.




We will be adjusting our temporary guideline changes effective May 24, 2021.  These guidelines apply to all fully underwritten life insurance cases and includes all newly submitted and pending in-house cases, whether formal or informal

Acceptance Guidelines Based on Insured’s Issue Age:

  • If the client is age 0-59:
    • The client is eligible for our best risk class Underwriting

Please note, if the individual has co-morbid conditions resulting in a rating higher than Table 4, it may be postponed

  • If the client is ages 60-79
    • Risk class must be Table 4 or better.
  • If the client is age 80 and above all cases will be temporarily postponed

A current statement of health is required on all policy approvals.

Fit Underwriting Program 

We will be reinstating the FIT underwriting program for ages 18-75 except for those with co-morbid conditions

International Travel Guidelines

All fully underwritten life insurance cases where the proposed insured plans to travel or has traveled internationally to countries under a Level 4 travel advisory will be postponed until they have been back in the United States for a minimum of 30 days.

** An applicant’s Covid-19 vaccination status will not be considered in determining the eligibility for coverage or underwriting classification.

Thank you for your patience and for your dedication to Mutual of Omaha.




New Updates

  • International Travel – Travel restrictions for COVID-19 expired on December 31, 2020. We are back to ”business as usual” with our international underwriting guidelines, effective January 1, 2021.
  • COVID-19 Vaccines – Underwriting for proposed insureds who have received the COVID-19 vaccine is staying “business as usual” whether they have had one or both doses of the vaccine. To further clarify, we are not taking adverse underwriting actions based solely on COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • COVID-19 Exposure – Underwriting for proposed insureds who have been exposed to COVID-19 but have not had any symptoms for 14 days or include a negative COVID-19 test are eligible as “Otherwise Qualifies” with a Good Health Statement.
  • COVID-19 Positive Test Results – Underwriting for proposed insureds who have had a positive test for COVID-19 without hospitalization will be postponed for 30 days. We no longer require 2 negative COVID-19 tests after recovery. This includes our CareMatters® product, but please note that the postponement period without hospitalization for CareMatters is 60 days.

Click here for our latest FAQs update on our Life Insurance Underwriting Enhancements and Adjustments.





As we begin to emerge from the pandemic and continue to see conditions improve, we’re pleased to lift some of the COVID restrictions implemented in 2020. These updated limits for Asset Care are effective today, July 1, 2021:
Age 70 and older
• All products now available,
bringing Asset Care Recurring
Premium Whole Life, Asset Care
with Return of Premium and
Asset-Care IV (CA) back for active
sales to these ages
• Rated cases will still not be
• Annuity Care: All products remain
Age 69 and younger
• No restrictions



Temporary COVID-19 Underwriting Guidelines Lifted

Due to the overall improvement in the Coronavirus impact, we are pleased to report that Pacific Life’s
temporary COVID-19 underwriting guidelines are being lifted, effective 6/30/21. We will continue to
monitor the situation, reevaluate as needed, and communicate any changes.

• Ages 70 and below returning to pre-pandemic underwriting guidelines
• Allowance up to and including Table 6 for ages 71-80





The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant disruption in all of our lives. I hope, first and foremost, all of you and those important to you are safe and healthy.

Despite the challenges we’re hearing from you, there are individuals still looking to protect their families and businesses through a life insurance purchase.  Our mission is to be ready to serve to the best of our abilities in this challenging and rapidly changing time.  On March 24 we announced Temporary Underwriting Guidelines to help lessen the difficulty in getting insurance exam requirements completed.  As we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 we have additional underwriting changes to share with you.

  • Insured ages up to 59 will have a maximum table rating of either Table 6 or a flat extra of $10.00/1000
  • Insured ages 60-80 will have a maximum table rating of either Table 2 or a flat extra of $5.00/1000
  • Ages 81+ will not be considered at any rate class until further notice

For survivorship cases, both lives need to meet the new guidelines.  Additionally, risks with a combination of a table rating and flat extra will be postponed, and as a regular practice, we do not convert table ratings to flat extras nor flat extras to table ratings.

These guidelines will be effective for any formal applications dated March 25, 2020 and after.  Any formal applications dated prior to March 24, 2020 and received by us April 9 or later will also follow these new guidelines.

Temporary underwriting guideline changes

Effective March 24, 2020, for any pending or newly submitted formal applications, we’re offering additional solutions to underwrite without exam requirements. Our Principal Accelerated UnderwritingSM program may meet the needs of many, but we’ve also developed some temporary guidelines during this challenging time to help. Note, we’ll regularly review these guidelines and reserve the right to make changes at any time.

Applicant ages 18-40

  • For face amounts up to and including $1,000,000 – no change to Accelerated Underwriting program
  • For face amounts from $1,000,001 to $2,500,000, and meets the following requirements:
    • Case meets regular Accelerated Underwriting guidelines for eligibility
    • Applicant has had a complete physical, including labs, with all results normal within the prior 24 months
    • We can confirm the exam and lab results through digital health data

Applicant ages 41-60

  • Face amounts up to and including $1,000,000 – no change to Accelerated Underwriting program
  • Face amounts from $1,000,001 to $2,000,000, and meets the following requirements:
    • Case meets regular Accelerated Underwriting guidelines for eligibility
    • Applicant has had a complete physical, including labs, with all results normal within the prior 24 months
    • We can confirm the exam and lab results through digital health data

Digital health data or attending physician statements (APS)

  • Principal will initiate the requests for digital health data, including the use of patient portal information through the vendor Human API. We have other sources of digital health data as well, so please do not request patient portal information or traditional APS without first consulting with your Principal underwriter.

Cases that don’t meet these criteria will be considered on an individual case basis. Our underwriters will proactively review pending cases to identify options that may be available to continue underwriting without exam requirements and then notify you of available options.

A few other underwriting items you should know about:

  • With the global spread of the pandemic, the U.S. Department of State has advised against any travel outside the U.S. by airplane or cruise ship.
    • Anyone planning to travel outside the U.S. may be subject to postponement of their application until travel is completed and an appropriate time has passed since traveling.
    • For anyone who has traveled outside the U.S. by airplane or cruise ship, applications will be postponed until 30 days after the date of their return to the U.S.
  • Anyone who has been tested or been treated for COVID-19 is expected to disclose any tests or treatments on their life insurance application or supplement we provide.
  • Effective immediately, we will request a statement of health at policy delivery.




Age and rating limitations:
• We have reverted to pre-COVID-19 underwriting guidelines (no restrictions) for individuals
who are 0 – 60 years of age.
• Ages 61 – 79: We will postpone coverage if individuals are rated higher than Table 4.

However, we can consider coverage with:
o Evidence of completed COVID-19 vaccination (copy of vaccination card with name,
vaccine batch number and date(s) administered).
o At least two weeks since the final injection.
o No history of immunodeficiency, impairments requiring IVIG treatment or prednisone
• We will continue to postpone coverage on individuals who are age 80 and above.

We have reverted to pre-COVID-19 travel guidelines based on country and case-by-case

Statement of Health
We will continue to require a Statement of Health be signed on delivery for all fully underwritten
coverage on any applicant, regardless of age or face amount. Note that this does not apply to
applicants who are approved for instant issue of simplified issue life insurance, including single
payment whole life or Executive Benefit life products approved on a guaranteed issue basis.

Cash with application
Normal pre-COVID-19 cash with application guidelines now apply.
Any formal application previously postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions can be reconsidered
upon request with a new application, updated medical records and current underwriting
Note that any case previously postponed due to our temporary COVID-19 limitations may have also
been postponed due to other reasons. Upon review, your underwriter will communicate whether we
can accept the applicant for coverage and if additional evidence is required.
In addition, please continue to follow our normal expiration of requirements guidelines below:




Prudential distributed this message to let you know how they are helping to support you and your clients.

Click the link to learn about Prudential’s eCapabilities!

See how easy life can be with the E’s of doing business

Prudential announced changes in underwriting and new business. Highlights include:

    • PruFast Track face amount increased to $3MM
    • Discontinuing the need for medical exams/labs, where possible, for new life insurance policies with face amounts of less than or equal to $3M for individuals 60 years of age and under.
      • Pru will order medical requirements
      • Human API usage
    • Implementing a full end-to-end process to electronically deliver policies from application/submission to policy placement.

Prudential slide presentation from the TMA/Prudential webinar.  This presentation outlines Prudential’s digital end to end capabilities; along with the changes and suggestions they’ve made to be productive in the COVID era.

2020 Life Resource “eBook” Guide
Get the new eBook:  Doing Business with Prudential – Life Business Resource Guide Spring 2020.  Find what you need to help you do business quickly and easily in this changing environment.

 View the eBook




In an effort to provide the most recent update, please note the
following with immediate effect:

Underwriting Operations Update
• Positive COVID-19 cases are still being postponed for 30 days after
resolution of symptoms and back to normal physical activity. Cases that
are more severe and require hospital admission will most likely require a
longer postponement period, depending on the severity.
• A statement of health is still required upon policy delivery, except on
cases with a Part 2 date within 2 weeks of issue. Our e-Policy delivery
system helps to support this process as it allows the policyholder to
accept, sign, and pay for the policy online, as well as fulfill any state
delivery requirements without any human contact.

Temporary acceptable risk classification adjustments will continue as
For cases aged 59 or younger:
▪ Table 6 or better: Applications accepted
▪ Table 7 or higher: Applications postponed until further
For cases aged 60 or older:
▪ Table 2 (150%) or better: Applications accepted
▪ Table 3 or higher: Applications postponed until further

Foreign Travel Update
• Travel plans to a country with advisory Level 1 or 2 are acceptable,
subject to answers on Covid-19 questions indicating no symptoms,
positive test, or self-isolation.
• Travel plans to a country with advisory Level 3 or 4 will continue to be a
postpone until 30 days after return with no COVID-19 symptoms,
positive test, or self-isolation

COVID 19 Prepardness




We are pleased to announce the following changes to the temporary COVID-19 participation guidelines effective July 1, 2021 – please note these changes will be extended through December 31, 2021:

  • Removing rate class restrictions for applicants up to age 60
  • Allowing up to table D for applicants age 61 – 70
  • Expanding maximum issue age to 80 for standard or better risks
  • Returning SecureCare Universal Life mortality to table D

Write Fit1 expansion to $3,000,000 for applicants age 18 – 50 will be permanent.

All other participation guidelines, including money not being accepted with new applications and temporary insurance agreements not being available, continue until September 30, 2021.

Participation guidelines effective July 1 – September 30, 2021:

Traditional Life Underwriting (includes underwritten policy changes)

  • Insurance age 81 and older: new applications will not be accepted.
  • Insurance age 76 – 80: Applicants assessed at standard or better rates will be issued. All others will be postponed until at least September 30, 2021.
  • Insurance ages 71 – 75: Applicants assessed at Table B (150%) or better rates will be issued. All others will be postponed until at least September 30, 2021.
  • Insurance ages 61 – 70: Applicants assessed at Table D (200%) or better rates will be issued. All others will be postponed until at least September 30, 2021.
  • Second-to-die policies will require both lives meet the rate class requirement for their respective ages.

Money will not be accepted with new applications until at least September 30, 2021, and temporary insurance agreements will not be available during this time.

SecureCare Universal Life (UL) Underwriting

  • Mortality evaluation is back to pre-pandemic target of Table D (200%) or better for a SecureCare UL policy to be issued.
  • Money will not be accepted with new applications until at least September 30, 2021, and temporary insurance agreements will not be available during this time.



announced a new underwriting program which includes streamlined underwriting, reduced nonmedical guidelines, and changes to traditional paramed requirements up to $1,000,000 or $2,000,000.

This gives the agent and client flexibility to customize and choose the best underwriting experience for their individual circumstance. They can choose from three different underwriting paths:

    • Business as Usual – some clients won’t mind a full-paramed in order to have the most options in pricing and face amounts.  All rate classes available
    • Up to $2,000,000 thru age 55 if they can send in another carriers UW / paramed done with in last 24 months, or a Dr’s full Physical Exam in last 12 months. All rate classes available.
    • A True Non Med option up to $1,000,000 thru age 55.   No paramed, blood or urine.   Standard Plus is best class available.
    • Get details for all of their COVID-19 updates in this brochure.

Transamerica has also made several major improvements to help your business, including streamlined underwriting, reduced nonmedical guidelines, and changes to traditional paramed requirements up to $2,000,000. Visit their new COVID-19 Response page regularly for new updates.

Underwriting Update:  True non-med for Term 

COVID-19 New Business Update