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You’ve probably heard the old story about the fellow who went to the Hardware Store and bought a drill. He didn’t want a drill; he wanted a hole. He bought the drill to make the hole he needed.

It’s the same in our business. People don’t want to buy Life Insurance or Long-Term Care Insurance. They want what Life Insurance or Long-Term Care Insurance does.


Never sell a product; sell what the product does ………….which is, with a few drops of ink and a piece of paper, and just pennies on the dollar, any man or woman can guarantee that Money will be available to fulfill their dreams, promises and commitments at their death or when Care is needed……

….. The money to replace a man’s income at death so his family can maintain their standard of living……. 

……The money to allow a business to continue as a going concern when the owner dies.……

……The money to replace a “Rainmaker” in a business when the Rainmaker dies or leaves…….

……The money to pay for Care without a family having to spend down assets or worse, some poor family member wear themselves out providing Care for a loved one.


We create Case Studies such as those you see below. They share a story about a need; and then show how, via the insurance products you provide, a person or business can guarantee that Money will be available to fulfill dreams, promises or commitments.


Take a moment to check out the ones shown below; if you like them, register for our website to see more of them and let us help you become a consistently better resource to your clientele.