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  • AIG

Good news in their recent update:

    • For cases that were postponed due to upcoming international travel, they are able to proceed if proof of travel-cancellation is provided and the travel was the only reason for the postponement.
    • They have had good results in finding alternative data sources for the APS requirement, resulting in their ability to review an increased number of applications over the past several weeks.
    • Their paramedical vendors are increasingly reporting resumption of operations in some states and regions. They expect this to continue as more state and local governments lift or relax their restrictions.

These restrictions still apply:
These additional temporary guidelines are now implemented on both formal and informal cases until the COVID-19
situation has diminished:
o For individuals aged 70+, all cases will be postponed.
o For individuals aged 60-69, all rated cases inclusive of all medical flat extras will be postponed.
o For individuals aged 50-59, all cases assessed greater than Table B inclusive of all medical flat extras will be
o For individuals aged <50, all cases assessed greater than Table D and/or all medical flat extras will be
o Additionally, there are several conditions that, in general, make a person more susceptible to COVID-19 and its
more severe health impacts, including but not limited to coronary artery disease, metabolic disorders, respiratory
impairments and underlying malignancies. Individuals with these co-morbid conditions will also be postponed
regardless of current risk assessment of their non-COVID impairments.

They also announce a Grace Period Extension for customers.

AIG’s underwriting and vendors.




New update for temporarily expanding its acceleration criteria in order to approve about 50% more cases without the usual medical exam and APS requirements. These changes are not applicable in New York. In order to expedite these additional cases:

      • Ages 50 and below
      • Face amounts $100,000 to $1,000,000
      • Paper and Electronic applications
      • Many will have automatic table ratings applied
      • If medical exam or APS can be obtained at a later date, they will re-underwrite to see if better class is warranted.
      • Effective April 1st:
        • All new business (excluding New York)
        • Including all cases that were submitted in February and March that are still pending an exam or APS (excluding New York).

Issuing more life insurance without underwriting exams.

American National presented answers to their most common question: Are there any age restrictions due to COVID 19?

      • Ages 80+: POSTPONE all cases until COVID-19 pandemic contained
      • Ages 60-79: POSTPONE all cases that require a rating of higher than table 4 or flat extra of $5 per thousand or more for a medical reason.
      • Ages 70+: Good Health Statement required on all cases.

See their FAQ as of April 17th.

Visit the American National COVID-19 update page




New temporary measures to mitigate the difficulty of completing insurance exams and obtaining medical records. Effective April 8th, they will implement alternative solutions to underwrite without exams! Remember to visit LGA’s COVID-19 page to see all of their announcements, e-processes and underwriting changes.

COVID-19 response and business updates, including:  underwriting changes, grace period extension, and their new COVID-19 Resource Page.

LGA’s New Temporary Underwriting Guidelines.

Paperless solutions:  Take advantage of Legal & General America’s online tools and digital processes that can help you navigate the              current situation.

LGA can help you work remotely with these resources.



Temporary life insurance underwriting guideline changes:
-Requiring a Statement of Good Health on delivery of every new policy
(excludes voluntary payroll deduction policies)
-Extending our underwriting window by 30 days to allow additional time for exams
to be completed and medical records to be received. Any premium collected with
the application will still be returned after 60 days.
-Modifying guidelines for travel, issue ages and ratings
Travel guideline modifications for countries with a level 3 or 4 advisory as noted by
the U.S. Department of State
traveladvisories.html/ (Does not apply to states who prohibit underwriting based
on travel)
-Recent Travel – if applicant is returning from a country with a level 3 or 4 advisory,
we will not consider coverage until 30 days after their return
-Future Travel – if applicant has current plans to travel to a country with a level 3 or
4 advisory, we will not consider coverage until 30 days after their return

-Issue age and substandard rating limitations temporarily not accepting
applications for the following:
      Ages 60-79 with rating greater than Table 2 or any flat extra due to a
medical impairment
     Ages 80 and above



We have resumed accepting and processing applications on individuals up to and including age 90.

John Hancock John Hancock has partnered with Human API to empower applicants to quickly and
securely share their electronic health data – Getting started with Human API.

COVID-19 and doing business with John Hancock age includes:

  1. Establishing an alternative to paramed and/or exam when not obtainable
  2. Expanded Express Track streamlined underwriting process to include paper applications with no need for a telephone interview
  3. Providing capabilities for EHR access when APS is not available
  4. Policy delivery enhancements


Updated Underwriting Guidelines

Inforce Policies – Effective May 15, 2020, if customers are experiencing a hardship and having difficulty paying their premium due to challenges presented by COVID-19, John Hancock will provide a total grace period of 90 days.

Any premium payments received within the 90-day grace period will be applied directly to your customers’ policy and coverage will be automatically extended through their next paid through date.

John Hancock has extended the long-term care premium due date 61 days beyond the policy grace period. If a premium payment is received within that extended timeframe, coverage will be automatically reinstated. Additionally, they have extended the election deadline period 61 days past the dates indicated in a clients rate action notification packages, allowing them more time to make a decision in response to the premium rate increase.



Work from Home with Lincoln.

Lincoln has created this resource for updates on life operations, underwriting, policy delivery, vendors and partners – and to see what electronic capabilities they already have in place; like electronic applications, pending case tools and more.

COVID-19 Life Underwriting Update: Temporary Guideline Changes

Pricing Update: Lincoln TermAccel® Level Term (2019) 

Printed policies temporarily suspended:  The transition to employees working from home will temporarily suspend policy prints for all life insurance products-including MoneyGuard – Effective 12:00 PM ET Friday, March 27th.



Mutual/United of Omaha made temporary changes to their life insurance underwriting guidelines which apply to all fully underwritten life insurance cases that are not already approved or issued; effective April 15th. These include:

  • Postponements due to international travel
  • Postponements based on insured’s issue age

As Mutual of Omaha carefully reviews our underwriting processes and procedures, which continue to evolve during this current situation, we would like to announce the following changes of Life Underwriting effective immediately.

Accelerated Underwriting Program:  We are increasing the maximum face amount limit to $2 million.

Qualifications Requirements:

  1. Issue Ages 18-55
  2. Face Amounts: $100,000 – $2,000,000
  3. Available Products:  Term Life Answers, Income Advantage IUL and Life Protection Advantage IUL
  4. Speed eTicket (Drop Ticket) process only
    see flyer

Mutual/United of Omaha will now mail all life insurance policies direct to customers.  Read the complete message for more details.

Important LTC Update

  • Is Mutual of Omaha accepting LTC applications for age 65+ again?
    Yes. As of June 15, 2020, we are accepting applications in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
  • AS OF 7/6:  Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island

We will continue to prequalify applicants 64 and younger. The prequalification will be good for 60 days. If the health of the client changes or the prequalification is past 60 days, you will need to prequalify the applicant again.

Messages We are Sharing with Mutual of Omaha Customers



New Business and Underwriting

Product Changes

COVID-19 Service Update

Partnering with Nationwide in uncertain times – Virtual meeting options.



OneAmerica will be moving back to their traditional age and amount requirements on July 1stRead the announcement for details.

Temporary changes to their business limits, effective May 1st.

    • Ages 70 and above
      Cases not meeting these criteria will be postponed

      • Only single pay is allowed
      • COB must also be single pay
      • Annuity-Funded Whole Life and Asset Care 2 & 3 remain available
      • The full suite of Annuity Care products remains available (COB pay periods remain as they are today on annuities)
      • No rated cases allowed
      • They are suspending the following:
        • Asset Care Recurring Premium Whole Life
        • Asset Care 4
        • Asset Care with Return of Premium
    • Ages 69 and below

No changes to current guidelines



Revising Age Limits 
We are now able to extend offers to PL Promise GUL* and PL Promise Term applicants who are:

  • Aged 71-80 at Standard or better risk class, and
  • Aged 70 and below up to Table Four.

We will not accept any new applications outside of that criteria until the temporary restrictions are lifted.

Pacific Life is committed to supporting your needs as you service your clients during these uncertain times. To help make staying up-to-date easier, you can find all of our COVID-19 communications in one place.



On May 1, 2020, we made changes to our underwriting requirements to streamline the process and improve speed of service—including updated age & amount guidelines, elimination of the examiner’s reports, and new supplemental health questionnaires for certain conditions to reduce Attending Physician Statements (APSs). These changes are unrelated to COVID-19.





Protective made changes to its’ temporary life insurance Underwriting guidelines relating to age and rating limitations, statement of health. Effective April 15th:

    • Age 80+: Coverage will be postponed.
    • Ages 70 – 79: Applicants must qualify for Standard rating or better and have no significant underlying medical condition or treatment that makes them more susceptible to COVID-19 death.*
    • Ages 60 – 69: Applicants must qualify for Table 4 rating or better and have no significant underlying medical condition or treatment that makes them more susceptible to COVID-19 death.*
    • Ages 0 – 59: Protective will consider applicants with all medical impairments through Table 4. Applicants rated over Table 4 will be considered on a case-by-case basis if the individual has no significant underlying medical condition or treatment that makes him or her more susceptible to COVID-19 death.*

Read the full announcement here.

Protective is keeping you informed with their COVID-19 Resource Center for complete information on Protective’s response.

Includes information regarding business continuity, annuity business submissions, life and annuity policy delivery requirements can be found on their NEW COVID-19 Resource Center.

Protective extended their grace periods for customers impacted by COVID-19.



Prudential distributed this message to let you know how they are helping to support you and your clients.

Click the link to learn about Prudential’s eCapabilities!

See how easy life can be with the E’s of doing business

Prudential announced changes in underwriting and new business. Highlights include:

    • PruFast Track face amount increased to $3MM
    • Discontinuing the need for medical exams/labs, where possible, for new life insurance policies with face amounts of less than or equal to $3M for individuals 60 years of age and under.
      • Pru will order medical requirements
      • Human API usage
    • Implementing a full end-to-end process to electronically deliver policies from application/submission to policy placement.

Prudential slide presentation from the TMA/Prudential webinar.  This presentation outlines Prudential’s digital end to end capabilities; along with the changes and suggestions they’ve made to be productive in the COVID era.

2020 Life Resource “eBook” Guide
Get the new eBook:  Doing Business with Prudential – Life Business Resource Guide Spring 2020.  Find what you need to help you do business quickly and easily in this changing environment.

 View the eBook


  • SBLI

SBLI made additional temporary changes to its’ underwriting, effective April 17th.

    • For cases aged 59 or younger:
      • > Table 6 or better, we are continuing to accept applications.
      • > Table 7 or higher, we are postponing applications until further notice.
    • For cases aged 60 or older:
      • > Table 2 (150%) or better, we are continuing to accept applications.
      • > Table 3 or higher, we are postponing applications until further notice.
    • Read the full announcement here.

SBLI announced updates to their COVID-19 response on April 6th, including underwriting, customer service/payment processing, vendor information and ePolicy delivery.

COVID 19 Prepardness



The maximum face amount for WriteFit applicants ages 18 through 50 is being increased from $2 million to $3 million. Applicants ages 51 through 60 continue to be eligible for up to $1 million of coverage via the WriteFit platform. Eligibility for WriteFit is determined by answers to the tele-interview.

Traditional Life Underwriting:

  • Insurance ages 71 and older: new applications will not be accepted. Currently pending applicants rated standard or better will be issued. Currently pending applicants who are rated worse than standard will be postponed until at least September 15, 2020.
  • Insurance ages 61 through 70: offers for new and pending applicants who are rated Table B or worse will be postponed until at least September 15, 2020.
  • Insurance ages 51 through 60: offers for new and pending applicants who are rated Table C or worse will be postponed until at least September 15, 2020.
  • Insurance ages 50 and younger: offers for new and pending applicants who are rated Table G or worse will be postponed until at least September 15, 2020.

Money will not be accepted with new applications until at least September 15, 2020, and temporary insurance agreements will not be available during this time.





Transamerica announced a new underwriting program which includes streamlined underwriting, reduced nonmedical guidelines, and changes to traditional paramed requirements up to $1,000,000 or $2,000,000.

This gives the agent and client flexibility to customize and choose the best underwriting experience for their individual circumstance. They can choose from three different underwriting paths:

    • Business as Usual – some clients won’t mind a full-paramed in order to have the most options in pricing and face amounts.  All rate classes available
    • Up to $2,000,000 thru age 55 if they can send in another carriers UW / paramed done with in last 24 months, or a Dr’s full Physical Exam in last 12 months. All rate classes available.
    • A True Non Med option up to $1,000,000 thru age 55.   No paramed, blood or urine.   Standard Plus is best class available.
    • Get details for all of their COVID-19 updates in this brochure.

Transamerica has also made several major improvements to help your business, including streamlined underwriting, reduced nonmedical guidelines, and changes to traditional paramed requirements up to $2,000,000. Visit their new COVID-19 Response page regularly for new updates.

Underwriting Update:  True non-med for Term 

COVID-19 New Business Update